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Welcome to the Dmxsoft webstore.

Here, you can register and upgrade your DmxSoft interface

For all users of ADJ myDMX interfaces (BUDDY or 2.1 or 3.0)

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Powered by DMXSoft.com, the DVC FUN can be upgraded to work with the full version of DASLIGHT 4

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Using the amazing SUT Smart Upgrade Technology

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Register your SUSHI interface now by using a DmxSoft account

SUSHI-DS, the world's most attractive DMX controller

Only $39, with 128 DMX channels and 4 software included

New! The FreeStyler lighting control software!

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I want to register my DmxSoft interface.
To register your interface, start the SUT software, log in to the DmxSoft store and click Register.

Download SUT here

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